The Ballad of Billy The Bull

(By Slim Acres)

Billy the bull was a bovine male,
Glossy and sleek from his ears to his tail.
And no young male was ever so full
Of vigor and vim as Billy the bull.

But he wasn't contented, I'm sorry to say,
Confined as he was, in the pasture all day.
Especially so, as Billy could see
Some cute little heifers, who happened to be
In the field next door, and as heifers will,
They kept rolling their big brown eyes at Bill.

So all day long he kept running around,
With his tail in the air, and pawing the ground.
He'd look at that fence with a baleful eye
And wonder if he could jump that high.

An older bull, and wiser by far,
Said, "Cool it, young man, just stay where you are.
Eat your clover, be patient and wait,
And one of these days, they'll open that gate.
That fence you see is six feet or higher,
And across the top, three strands of barbed wire."

But the call of romance wouldn't be deferred,
And Billy ignored the advice he had heard.
He said, "With a good running start, I'll bet,
I could clear that fence, without any sweat."

So he backed away twenty yards or more,
And lowered his head with a rumble and roar,
Like a run-away train flew over the ground,
And put all he had into one mighty bound.

A prettier sight you never have seen,
As he sailed through the air like a flying machine.
And if it hadn't been for that top wire there,
He'd'a cleared that fence without touching a hair.

The heifers applauded, for they didn't know
His jump was a couple of inches too low.
So all together, they gave out with a cheer,
As over the fence came Billy the steer!